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My passion is wedding flowers... incorporating traditional floral design techniques to create a signature floral and decor atmosphere for weddings and special events on Hilton Head Island and in the surrounding Low Country of South Carolina.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Budgeting for your Wedding Flowers

When considering how much you should be spending on your wedding flowers... remember this simple rule.  Your flowers should constitute on average 9 to 11% of your overall wedding budget.

To make your special memorable for you and your special guests, make sure to allocate appropriate funds to make your wedding beautiful with floral decorations.  The dress, the cake, the reception venue, and the ceremony are all enhanced by the flowers you choose.  So, don't make the flowers an after-thought.  Remember the flowers when planning the overall look of your wedding from the very beginning.

Professional floral designers, especially those like Down The Isle have many years of experience with incorporating the right flowers for the right look on your wedding day with beautiful floral accessories.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Floral Fashion

A considerable part of any wedding floral package consists of flowers used as fashion accessories.  First and foremost is the corsage.  Hardly a wedding has been seen where the mothers, grandmothers, or aunts aren't wearing some form of floral accent.  For many years the most popular flower to use in corsages is the orchid.  Orchids literally come in hundreds of colors and varieties, like the Catalaya, pictured above.  Catalays are available in white, lavender, purple, and sometimes a bronzy gold tone.

Orchids are very light weight, as opposed to say standard size roses, thus, making them much more comfortable to wear, and much less trouble when pinned to the light weight fabrics wore at most of today's more casual weddings.  Also, compared to other flowers, orchids are generally very sturdy and long lasting... allowing the floral designer to create these floral accessories up to two days before the wedding. 

Some brides may be a bit shocked at the pricing of corsages and boutonnieres when they see a wedding flower quote.  The answer for the pricing has a lot to do with the more intensive labor that goes into making a corsage.  Skilled hands are needed to create a balanced and wearable corsage, and that skill factor indicates a higher cost as more time has to go into making the best corsage.

I have to say that I do not encourage the use of standard roses in worn flowers.  Unless it is one single rose.  A corsage with more than one standard size rose, in my opinion is too heavy for a lady to wear, on her dress or on her wrist.

Other flowers besides orchids that are very usable in corsages are Stephanotis and  miniature or spray roses.  Remember, the two most important factors are wearability and durability.  Flowers that are light weight and long lasting are the best for corsages.
Above: a corsage of peach tones spray roses and variegated ivy.

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