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My passion is wedding flowers... incorporating traditional floral design techniques to create a signature floral and decor atmosphere for weddings and special events on Hilton Head Island and in the surrounding Low Country of South Carolina.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A more formal setting ...

When the style of a wedding or event calls for a formal atmosphere, certainly the style of the floral decorations should be in order.  Considering the style of floral arrangements to be present as such a formal event is very important.  The colors present in table linens, even the intricate china and flatware patterns should be considered when choosing floral decor that will compliment, not compete with the formal setting.

More delicate flowers, both in color and texture, will compliment the setting.  Bright and even brash colors could possibly diminish the formal setting making things look a bit disjointed and out of place.   Of course, any wedding or event should have a look of having been effortlessly orchestrated.  So, do consider the setting when considering flowers to be used as decorations.  I suggest that centerpieces look complimentary to the bridal party flowers.  I don't suggest that the bridesmaids bouquets look as if they are simply carrying one of the table centerpieces.  Too many weddings I have seen, appear as if the bridesmaids walked through the reception on the way to the ceremony and nabbed a centerpiece to carry down the isle.  Remember, the overall effect should appear seamless and effortless.   Allow your florist too see samples of linen, flatware, and stemware prior to choosing the flowers.  This will help the whole look of a more formal event appear to be orchestrated with style and not too manufactured.  Remember, don't be seen trying too hard to have every last detail coordinated.

Following are a few examples, even with corsages and boutonnieres, where the overall appearance of the floral decor flows seamlessly with a formal table setting.

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  1. This is stunning! High level of talent and creativity displayed here!