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Friday, June 4, 2010

Floral Profussion... and groupings of three centerpieces

When putting together a look for your centerpieces, don't thing that there has to be only one arrangement per table.  Consider a grouping of smaller vases.  For example, three smaller sized vases of varying shapes combined with votive candles can add a contemporary flair to each table's decor, without looking too "modern" in style.  A profusion of flowers and colors can achieve a stunning impact on a not so stunning budget.  Remember that all flower arrangements don't necessarily have to contain foliage.  A grouping of a single type flower clustered tightly together in a smaller vase can achieve the same impact of a taller sprawling arrangement filled with foliage and fillers such as Caspia or the more recognizable baby's breath.
Again, groupings of these vases are an interesting way to show off your personal style.  Choose your favorite color scheme, and have a few types of flowers in that color to fill each vase.  For example, if your favorite color is pink, consider this... three vases on the table... one to contain hot pink roses, one to contain a single blush pink hydrangea, and the third can hold  Lisianthus in a medium pink tone. Or, really make it interesting and have that third vase carry a color outside the pink field, say tulips in purple, green, or ivory white.  Remember to have the votive candles as part of the centerpiece.  Even though your reception may start in late afternoon or early evening, the candles can be lit as soon as the sun begins to set.

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