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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Those don't look real...

I've heard many a bridal client say when looking at flower samples... "those don't even look real."  I have had a hard time deciding if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  In fact, there are some rose varieties an rose colors that are so unusual that many think the flower may be artificial.  But, in the case of the picture here, this is not the case.  Both roses featured in this massing of roses are very real and fresh indeed.  The two varieties here are Terracotta (the brown rose) and Circus (the yellow and orange).  I luckily happened on these two bunches of roses at a local market.  They are making a perfect though unusual centerpiece.  More suited to Autumn, they are the perfect roses for an Autumn theme wedding or party.  But, they were just to perfect to pass up, even in the heat of the summer we are experiencing on Hilton Head the past couple of weeks.

If you are getting married in October or November, (popular for weddings in the deep south when the weather is slightly cooler), consider these two roses for a very appropriate color/floral palette.  These two color fields would go very well with green bride's maids dresses, bronze, or a dark blue for that matter.  Adding ivory roses or a beige rose such as "Sahara" would do well to make a bridal bouquet that would fit the time of year perfectly.

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